Pebble Template Release 1.0 for SQL Server

In all my previous blog posts you would have had to go to my GitHub repository, loading each file to your environment and trying to get it up and running.

Maybe it is time now, to package them all up into an application, which is ready to be loaded into your environment.

You get templates for the following WhereScape objects

  • Stage
  • Stage Merge
  • History (Data Store)
  • Hub
  • Link
  • Satellite
  • Dimension
  • Fact

which you can create as

  • VIEW

Included is also an extensive list of meta data checks. Modify it to your liking.

It is hopefully also a good resource if you want to learn writing templates for yourself.

Before using, please read the LICENSE and the README.

After that, your first stop is the template nu3_sqlserver_utility_configuration. I moved all „hard-written“ code into here for modification. Just go through it and modify it to your environment.

If you like it and the templates are helping you, visit the code sponsors website at and buy some products.